Giorgio Graesan and Friends was born from idea to create a community based on mutual respect and designed to create a Better World through a Aesthetics research.
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It contains Lime, Marble powders of various sizes and Natural Minerals. Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and is natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product. It is applied in one coat.
Spatula Stuhhi is an exceptionally ecological covering, shiny and smooth, composed of lime and marble dusts. It is applied in three steps.
It's a decorative water-based painting, which allows to get the effect of an old wall, naturally consumed by time.
A smooth, soft wall naturally stained and coloured in 169 shades. Applied in just one coat, it is smoothed over with our own spatula and, when almost dry, polished with our glove.
It's a design stucco made to give simple but very Elegant and Aesthetic aspect to the wall. It is applied in two steps.
A sophisticatedly smooth and uneven wall for people with really refined tastes. A stone that appears smoothed by time and conveys a natural satin finishing, pleasant to the touch. Available in 169 Colors.
Gioia is a pearlescent product available in 169 Colours. Consisting of flakes of silver mother of pearl, it illuminate your walls with iridescent reflections.
Oro is a pearlescent product available in 107 Colours. Consisting of flakes of gold mother of pearl, it warms your walls with iridescent golden reflections.
It's an iridescent product available in 169 Colours. Consisting of whitish-silvered mother of pearl flakes, it illuminates your walls with a load of reflections.
Via Lattea reflects the light of your room into a starry sky. It's an acrylic painting additived of white microspheres, resins and pyramid-shaped metal fragments, available in 169 Colours.
Minimal is the lifestyle that allows you to get away from what is unessential. Available in 169 Colours is a water-based paint for interiors, additived of fine nacreous and selected quartz fillers.
The product is a transparent resin that holds in the light it receives and then emits it in the presence of total darkness. Completely transparent, it maintains the colour of the background without variation.