Pareti Creative Magazine
I am happy to announce a new initiative aimed at promoting the sales of Creative Paintings.
It is a magazine which contains all the best photographic creations of our products.
In short, a collection of our products to be spread to your customers to facilitate their choice and to help them in the difficult selection of the most suitable finish for their purposes, desires and dreams.
In addition to the photos, in this magazine you will find a small description that defines each product and each possible finish. This way, we increase the knowledge and culture of our customers thus facilitating mutual understanding.
As I tell you in this video, shot during the presentation event, these magazines are available free of charge from our dealers for your wide diffusion.
Of course, this magazine does not replace our range of samples which we still continue to produce and distribute for each individual product. These samples often contain the applied physical samples, and are indispensable for the final choice.
This magazine is therefore a sales facilitator at your free disposal.
Have a nice job.