Muro Naturale Plus Bronze/Silver
Muro Naturale creates a sophisticated continuous surface, in a soft solid color and vivid, enriched by the brightness of the MICA Argento particles. Suitable for any refined ambient where simplicity is fully appreciated.
With its 169 colors it can be combined with all our other finishes, becoming an element of continuity and coordination in our proposed products.
Now this product and sample collection has been enriched with two new offers: Muro Naturale Plus Bronze and Silver.
They are two 62cc additives. Mica Bronze and Mica Silver content needs to be added to the Muro Naturale tin before application.
When preparing the product, as always in a single hand, we will see the "Bronze or Silver lights" to emerge. We suggest adding a 62cc jar in an 8 KG tin but your Creativity will determine if increase or reduce the amount of additive.
Obviously the two additives can also be added together.
Here is also a video in which I illustrate the new sample collection currently in distribution.
The framed tiles of applied product, as always, are on sale at 6 euros + Taxes.
The application method is the same as in Muro Naturale.
You can follow it in this video: