The suitcase of Creative Painter
It's been 27 years already since we launched the suitcase for Spatula Stuhhi, and after alll this time there is still desire to identify as a Creative Painter: the suitcase is the perfect symbol.
Like a Doctor with his bag and stethoscope, the Creative Painter has its Suitcase and its Spatulas as well. So we did our best to make a complete Suitcase at a special price: book it from your Dealer, it is on sale for 143 € + taxes.
Here it is, black and beautiful.
Complete with our spatulas: the big and small one to apply Spatula Stuhhi, the Istinto's one, the Half Moon spatula, the Bamboo's one and many others. In short, a gorgeous suitcase made of aluminum and reinforced wood, totally black with neoprene inner paddings to safeguard the safety of blades and of your work.
A suitcase designed for the Creative Painter, to better certify and qualify your work.
But you must be FAST: it's a LIMITED EDITION!
Book it from your Dealer!