Often we find ourselves having to explain all the creative possibilities and the technical characteristics our paintings.
Each time we repeat the same explanation that can never be really exhaustive.
I wondered: how can I help my customers in this very important action?
Hence the idea of creating a video catalog in which I explain in words and images all the possibilities.
Here is the link to see the video catalog:
This video catalog is at your disposal and you can use it as an attachment to our magazines to 'describe' new customers your work, or you can use it as an attachment to your quotes to complete the information and to improve your communication.
We all know that the most used communication channel is WhatsApp, so we setup a system to send you this video directly in WhatsApp. Please follow the next steps in order to get it:
1) Record this number in your telephone address book: +393346848935
2) Write a message to this number, with your NAME, SURNAME and "I want a video catalog" phrase
We'll reply with the video catalog and a voucher to receive 5 magazines that you can use for your advertising, directly from your nearest dealer.