Sample Revolution
A big change is underway in the way we present the work of the Creative Painter.
So far we have worked very hard to create photographic samples that could turn on the Fantasy and Desire of end users.
With our catalogs, the Creative Painter has been able to Suggest Creative Walls and get works rich in Creativity, fun and above all economic and personal satisfaction.
But over the years we have heard a great deal from the whole market of REAL samples of Pietra Spaccata, Zen, Bamboo, Spatula Stuhhi etc.
We were committed to promoting Paint Revolution with courses and Masters. Our technicians didn't have time to make physical samples.
This year we considered this goal achieved. Paint Revolution is a goal achieved. All Creative Painters are trained and have raised their skills and perspectives.
Now it's time to give the Creative Painters the tools to SELL their skills.
So we employed our technicians in the company for the production of panels that were then packaged in a matte and plasticized black frame, becoming very useful and stimulating tiles of the Royal product.
These tiles have been collected in a special BACKPACK that is possible to book from our best dealers, with delivery starting from the month of September.
The contents of the Backpack and the prices are as follows:
10 Tiles: 6 € each = Total 60 €
1 Backpack: 10 €
3 Magazines: Free.
The total cost of the complete backpack will therefore be 70 € plus VAT.
The commitment we have made for this initiative is enormous and for now the circulation of this Backpack which inaugurates the Sample Revolution is limited to only 1,000 pieces.
For this reason they must be booked in advance, while waiting for the production to be completed.
I remind you that all our tiles bound in a matte black frame are and will remain for sale separately for 6 € each for your every need.
This is what we call Sample Revolution, the revolution of the Creative Paints sales system.