Iper Marmo by Massimo Gallo
Massimo Gallo is a Creative Painter who has decided to to share with his colleagues the knowledge and experience he has accumulated over years of research.
The origin of this love for painting and fake marble was the teaching of his father, who took him to his building sites where he used to paint.
With this premise we promoted the creation and dissemination of a tutorial that explains step by step how to get to produce walls of "Marble" with Segui il tuo Istinto.
To protect and make this wonderful wall an even more magical artwork, we used Ipervetro. This is the reason why we named this news: IPER MARMO by Massimo Gallo.
In this way we want to continue to contribute to the growth of the figure of the Creative Painter who emerged overbearing during Paint Revolution.
Here is the application video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKvUVAQAVEI