Home Sweet Home
On 12 March the Missoni staff headed by the eclectic Angelo Jelmini enters our Milan showroom: we immediately notice the wonder in their eyes! It seems incredible but after only three years from the opening of our showroom they are here to propose us a cooperation.
The choice of the material to be used was quick and decisive, we had no doubts: the large ceiling windows in their space made the selection almost obvious, Muro Naturale was the perfect finish to represent a magical atmosphere, full of pure colors in true style Missoni.
Angela Missoni's project involved the construction of a magical fairy tale house that would host the works of art of the artist Alessandra Roveda. An extravagant designer who, through the crochet, gives life to a perfect mix that combines the patience of an ancient craft and the creative aesthetics of a designer, covering furnishing objects with colorful and multi-colored knitting threads.
To give greater emphasis to the walls of the space, they looked for shades that reflected the brightly colored layout of the project between purple and fuchsia, SV of 'Colori di Londra', AL of 'Colori dell'Anima' and ZG of 'Colori del Sole'.
We needed a team of CREATIVE PAINTERS that was able to deal with the realization with passion and good humor, so we selected some personalities from those published on our site www.pittoricreativi.it and active on our social channels.
Within a few days we were in a meeting with the person in charge of the exhibition design, Angelo Jelmini, and all the collaborators who would take part in this passionate project.
Everything happened with a speed typical of those works that are born under a good star, accompanied by a dynamic of play. The rest can not be told: it must be lived through the sounds, lights and colors of a magical setting.

So we look forward to meet you every day in Via Solferino 9 with HOME SWEET HOME by Angela Missoni.