IperVetro Tiles
For 30 years we have been working to create the best marketing tools in order to make the dissemination and sale of our Creative Paintings possible.
Large catalogs containing suggestive and convincing photos to illustrate how beautiful our customers' homes can be with our products.
However, we have always lacked the REAL demonstration of our Creative Paintings.
Many times we have been asked for this demonstration but we have rarely been able to satisfy this need.
For this reason we are now producing special UNI-size tiles, very practical, covered with an opaque black cardboard, pleasant to the touch, that represent the reality of our products from VIVO.
The first of these Tiles is a Split Stone protected by IperVetro.
Since it is protected by IperVetro, we photograph it as if it were a Japanese-style dish.
In fact protected by Ipervetro it is also perfect for that function.
This tile has been offered as a gift in some copies to our retailers who have taken advantage of our promotion. Someone will have had it on Homage.
I announce, however, that you can request them from your dealers for sale at the price of € 6.00 + taxes and with this tool you will guarantee many wonderful contracts.