Make Art not War

Watch our new video 'make ART not WAR', another invitation to imagination and creativity as opposed to War.
It's another award to our decorators who try to make the world better and most beautyful, starting from the place where we live in.

Giorgio Graesan

Art Walls with ISTINTO

This application of our Segui il Tuo ISTINTO 'Follow Your INSTINCT' is unique and revolutionary.
Let's get even more 'in depth' in the world of Art offering to Architects and Interior Designers a new way to customize their abitatative creations.
We give to Decorators a chance to grow and increase their performance...

Immortal Icons

We had left our friend Ludmilla to her works while with a sure touch she joined Colore e Gioia e Colore e Neve on her splendid paintings.
We know how these two products have an artistic soul but Ludmilla knows, like a few others, how to discover it and give it...

The 4th Collective Creation Manifesto

The 4th Collective Creation has ended 2 months ago but it stayed in our heart and especially in the Spirit for the experienced emotions and the knowledge gained from all participants.
But above all, it remained a very strong sense of cohesion in a healthy and compact group of people working in unison, with no...

Giorgio Graesan and Pensare Oltre

An exclusive event for social and beneficial, that was held Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at the Museum of Comics in Milan, an evening to present the creative partnership between WOW Spazio Fumetto and Pensare Oltre (Thinking Beyond), the vast cultural movement...

Steve Jobs

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an extraordinary person.
Those of us who had the good fortune to meet Steve and work with him have lost a friend, a guide, a source of inspiration. Steve leaves a company that only he could build, and his spirit will always be the spirit of Apple.

Spatula Stuhhi is a matter of Art

Ofman, alias name of Fabio Mancini, was born in the summer of 1959 in Citta di Castello, in province of Perugia.

Click Here to see the video presentation of his Philosophy about Matter....


We have helped to paint with "Magic" the release of the new book. This book is part of the collection in Comics published by the Cultural Movement Thinking Beyond. For some years we follow this movement that works for the protection of the Child.

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FlashMob outdoor furniture exhibition 2011 - Pole dancer in action

We have just completed a week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Protagonists with a CREATIVE EVENT on the roads of architecture and design.

We wanted to move to the rhythm of rap "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME" the creative life in recent days has been...


Dear Friends,
during the fair of Piacenza Color, we organized the third edition of the Collective Creation, an entirely live performance.
Through THIS VIDEO and THESE IMAGES, we want to relive these...

Collective Creation 2

Here's the video of our Collective Creation in a special playlist on our YouTube channel (Click HERE)
In two days of joy and freedom of creativity, 10 works of art are arising from the work of our Master Decorators.
But the...

Collective Creation 2

Here are the first pictures of Collective Creation # 2

You can tell that we enjoyed, that the two days were very creative and we have developed an incredible Collective Free Spirit. The target was reached and surpassed.

Soon we'll publish the final result of this event. A...