Segui il tuo ISTINTO

We began to distribute the new catalog to our resellers:

SEGUI IL TUO ISTINTO, with the new Colors of Stone (I COLORI DELLA PIETRA), a set of brand new dramatic effects and, we hope, an inspiration to all of you.

White Paint... New Colors

The renewal of our colors I COLORI DELLA PIETRA continues and this month we are involved with the launch of the new WHITE PAINT collection.

With these new colors we give a new momentum in this range of colors, expanding chromatic harmony, and making it increasingly topical and interesting.

Ask for it from our...

Spirito Libero and I Colori della Pietra

It is time for I Colori della Pietra and we could not miss the renewal of the sampler SPIRITO LIBERO.

A major redesign of the sampler presents this collection, even more enriched, elegant and timeless.

Look for it from our dealers.

To learn more about the latest news, visit

I Colori della Pietra

Four months have passed since we introduced our new and current color set.

The results of the critics and of most of our public have been exceptional.
In our wide range of colors seemed to just miss the soft and delicate colors of this new collection: I Colori della Pietra [The Colors of Stone]

We started with our...

I Colori della Pietra

We are in 2014, and four years have passed from the presentation of "I Colori dell'Anima".
The tastes and trends have changed and we prepare to anticipate them with a new set of seven colors named "I Colori della Pietra".

Of course this will lead to the implementation of all our samples and, as usual, we'll start...


Finally here it is: the T-Shirt with the new slogan "Make Art not War".

"This idea was born to bring our Decorators, and the human being in general, towards the creation of Beauty, Aesthetics and thus Art.
It's a message and a provocation for a better world. Beauty is hard to destroy, Art is the opposite of war."...


Distribution of our new product MINIMAL has just started.
141 essential colors that will highlight what is really important in a house.

To know more about MINIMAL CLICK HERE.


Via Lattea conquered our Customers, gaining the award of Product of the Year, expanding in 141 colors with the new sampler "Casual" and the prestigious bench sampler "Panorama".

To know better the Via Lattea CLICK HERE

DECORATOR's APP... Download it now!

Would you like to have our samplers directly available on your iPad or iPhone?
Here you are, our NEW APP

Take a look to the video and download your new APP.

The Box is waiting for YOU!

The INSPIRATION BOOK is gaining more and more succcess. A few copies are still available.
If you still haven't got your copy, SEARCH FOR THE POSTER at your local dealer, and pick up your copy now.

To learn more about INSPIRATION BOOK, the driving inspirations guide designed to help your clients choice, click

La Via Lattea Fan Samples

La Via Lattea (The Milky Way), with its lit stars and its relaxing simplicity, immediately gained our customers. The choice to focus on 14 different colors all close to white has garnered a lot of interest along with arousing desire to "Color".
That's why we now present a new edition with the new Fan samples,...


We are looking forward to meet you at MADE EXPO - Rho Milan, from 2nd to 5th October, in Pad. 6 Stand A35, to show you our new Segui il tuo ISTINTO effects and much more... Click here to see a preview of the third edition of our sampler.

To all...

White Paint

We create paintings that may leave an aesthetic and emotional mark in those who contact us. In our small way, we want to improve the world and especially to have positive relationships, as remarked also by the word FRIENDS in our company name.

Focusing on this purpose, we try to get the best result in every area of...


Crisis Time... Here's how to cope with it.
We started the largest promotional initiative ever seen so far in our industry: specially designed for all our decorators, selected for the attention and loyalty toward us, in order to help them to best present their art.
These days it has been sent the postcard presenting...


In current crisis times we're there, trying to give stimulus to creativity through many actions. LE ORIGINI is one of them.
Here you will find a video showing the application of Le Origini.
Original, simple and high-design product, this is the...


The crisis pushes us to be more proactive: after having presented during last month our new product THE MILKY WAY and introduced the new presentation system THE FAN, we have to disclose you other fresh news. We have studied a set of tools to better promote our products and to facilitate their choice.

We have...


This marketing tool is designed to provide a constant help to the choice of right color.
Giorgio in this short video tells us about its functionality.
With this sample you'll have:
the chance to put beside...

La Via Lattea (Milky Way)

We delivered these days our new product named La Via Lattea.
Here you can see a movie that explains the basic and its application.
A simple application painting that, when illuminated, makes stellar reflexes.
So, we'll have opaque walls that...

Heimtextiles: Frankfurt Fair

What we went to Wallpaper Fair for? As often happens, we went there to provoke and to understand.
Here is a gallery of pictures of the event...
We have been the curiosity of this show with our colored and, above all, seamless walls.
All manufacturers...

ISTINTO in the Kitchen

This beautiful wall was made with 'Segui Il Tuo Istinto product at the Piacenza fair and below you can see the PIACENTINO Video

With a wall so lovely we could not do other things than give it continuity through this beautiful setting with an...

Segui il tuo Istinto & Baxter

Few weeks ago we started distributing the new sampler Follow Your Instinct

We wanted to thank BAXTER for the contribution of a really nice armchair

MADE 2012

MADE Expo has just ended. It was a 4-day exhibition full of enthusiasm and energy.

Every day we gave life to the creation of exciting walls with our new product Segui il Tuo ISTINTO.

Our technicians have made 12 walls on the fly, explaining and sharing every moment with the Friends who came to visit us.


Segui Il Tuo Istinto Sample

Here is the Segui Il Tuo Istinto sample.

If you are interested in application systems here are the links to:
Pietra Spaccata (Split Stone)...

International Forum of Decoration

The first Forum of Intentional décor is just finished.
The results are documented in these 2 movies:
The history and application of TADLECK
The official presentation of Segui il Tuo ISTINTO

40 applicators...

Segui il Tuo Istinto

Our colors, our samples, all of our products are always a bit alternative.
But what really differentiates us is our Gaming Spirit.
Have a look at this movie taken from Piacenza Fair and you will understand this premise.

And have fun as we did for 4 days!!!

4th Collective Creation

This is just one of 120 works made over the four days of Creativity Collective of Piacenza.

If you click here, instead we show a film that chronicles the work and "sweat" and the resulting collective amusement.


This is one of 90 works created in these three days of Collective Creation.
They were intense days in Piacenza during the exhibition "The Colour".
The result are 90 panels of 2 x 2.60 meters, decorated with our new product SEGUI IL TUO ISTINTO.
Each decorator has interpreted this product in its own way by creating...

Segui il Tuo ISTINTO

Do not miss the Fair Piacenza 'Color' on March 15 to 17, we will be there with an installation of 450 square meters, achieved in collaboration with the Fair of Piacenza.
This experience will be called: 4th Collective Creation and will gather Decorators from all over Italy and someone other from around the world.

It's time for Colore e Neve (Color and Snow)

Astonishment and emotion, the two forces that drive us apart and guide us while looking for new adventures: the collection Colore e Neve is an example of great emotion. The large amount of requests received for this product right from the start to the complete distribution of the samples, made us think of a new...

Our house is also yours.

Come whenever you like.

What you see here is a film that tells in a little more than 2 minutes, the evolution of our "Home" and about our color project.

This evolution took place in about 20 years since the late eighties with the release of new range of...

Suite # 8 & Museum of Decorative Painting

With the chance of event ‘Made' we took advantage of the presence of many customers to inaugurate two important initiatives in Milan and surroundings:

Click HERE to see a trailer of the evenings

Suite # 8, the beginning of a collaboration. Suite...

Made 2011

MADE just finished.

View the gallery by clicking HERE.

As evidenced by the images we had many, many visits and the time flew.
Many activities at the Fair: a beautiful girl offered an ice cream-colored snow, the specialists explained how this product...

MADE 2011

We are waiting you for the next 5 to 8 October MADE fair, Milan Rho Fair in Hall 4 G25.

We are setting up the stand for the presentation of our new COLOR & SNOW on the walls that reproduces the effect of the sun's glare on the snow.

We will welcome you day and .... Night!

Colore & Neve

Long ago, kidnapped by the beauty and poetry of a sunny day in the mountains with my daughter, she imagined a paint that contained lively reflection of the sun on the snow. It seemed madness and magic out of the imagination without rules and limits of a 10 year old girl.
But now, in 2011 and 14 years later we can go...

Spatula Stuhhi 'Hand Made'

Here I'll show you a short video representative of my commitment and my research to offer you something that i thought impossible until very recently:
a prestigious sample of SPATULA STUHHI totally REAL! (Click HERE to watch the video)


Spatula Stuhhi acts as 4 for you!

On the occasion of the turmoil unleashed in Milan during the International Furniture 2011,
we decided to shout to the world of interior design, the potential of a natural product, timeless, and that over the years has given us great satisfaction.
You will find us on the following magazines: Elle Decor, Casa Viva,...

A valued wardrobe...

We have made this piece of furniture in our offices in Paderno Dugnano containing all our products.
The result obtained was so pleasant that we wish to report it. A great result and all our products in a small exposer ... and you're done.

Mosbuild 2011

Essential as every year the spring meeting with the Russian market, Clicking here to see the gallery. From 5 to 8 April 2011 at the Expocentre in Moscow we have participated in Mosbuild, international trade fair building, facing materials and furnishings for...

Color Fair

Dear Friends,
Lights shut off on Piacenza Colors Fair, Click Here for photo gallery.
Click HERE to see the videos

An event full of great acknowledgments and incentives ...

Once again we managed...

Piacenza Fair

Dear Friends,
on 18 to 20 March 2011 period, we will be present at the very first trade fair on COLOR in Piacenza.
Organized along the lines of "Farbe" wholly and solely dedicated to workers in the industry wants to become a moment of encounter and exchange Applicators, Distributors, Manufacturers and Architects. We...

Joyful Dreams

A redesign of the House of Dreams. A pearl adding a product that enriches and updates of the most successful and easily implemented paint.

Follow us on FACEBOOK HERE

In March for the launch of JOY DREAMS for the first 10...

Master Decorators

We are organizing a course for you to experience all of our application techniques under the supervision of one of our technicians.WATCH THE VIDEO HERE
Master Duration: one day. Cost 150 Euro plus VAT.
We will provide all necessary materials, a...


Classic, Contemporary and Modern, is always Young and Beautiful ...

The Best!

We celebrate his majority age with a Special Sample Edition!
Free for you, presenting the card No. 21, which celebrates 21 years of Spatula Stuhhi ... to your dealer.

To learn more, view photos of our new sample of

We can do it ...

A friend of Genoa in search of new results has appreciated the versatility of Spatula Stuhhi ... A customer who had a problem, is now satisfied with the solution and Spatula Stuhhi achieved another 'success' ... Here is the description of the work carried out by Boffelli Decori with Spatula Stuhhi support :...

White Paint Colored

140 variations of color in a beautiful folder composed of real samples!

Those who will buy 5 liters of White Paint, Gioia, ORO, will receive White Paint Colored catalogue for free.

Promotion valid during the months of October and November from distributors participating in the initiative and as long the catalogue...

Istanbul Fair of Color. This is the beautiful image that represents it.
Obviously we couldn't miss it.
Here are pictures of this beautiful and magical city, crossroads of cultures and religions, and meeting point between Asia and Europe
A moment of encounter and...

The Paint-O-Room service started last month and is already flying high! In August we received many requests, so we decided to share with you some results in a dedicated Blog (Click HERE), which will involve you in the best...

A New Service for each one of you

What is it? We talked a long about it and we have offered a preview on the forum a few weeks ago.
Read Here.

Paint-O-Room is a new initiative of Giorgio Graesan & Friends, accessible from our website main page menu: upload your...

Australian Spirito Libero

Walking through Melbourne, Australia, just opposite the famous Tasmanian, you may encounter an Italian of the Vallecamonica, in the province of Bergamo, which is considered a real little devil!
Mario, best known as the Advanced Free Spirit, is living and working in Australia and brings in those places so far apart...

A Precious Gift

Those who buy 2 packs of 24 kg of SPATULA STUHHI or SPIRITO LIBERO:

You will receive this special free tool. And an exclusive object, created on our research & development bureau and you can see a video here.

Promotion valid only from July 10th...

Here's the video of the new tool
Mixing Spatula Stuhhi well is very important for its subsequent application.
The presence of lumps or small pieces of plastic in the mixture can cause incorrect result and serious difficulty in the subsequent...

Wall Paint Presents:

14 application systems.
You can see them all HERE

Wall Paint is a way to decorate with a Modern but ‘Old' style, which offers endless possibilities of use.
On our sample are 14 application methods but with your imagination you can...

The Best MADE 2010 Pictures

Aesthetics and emotion in these pictures that celebrate an event in our little story:The Colors of SOUL. Click HERE to see the gallery

Michel Altieri (Click HERE to see photo gallery) star of the Musical "Beauty & the Beast" and his artistic trainer
Elisabetta Armiato - Ballett star of the Scala create and work inspired by colors of the Soul (Colori dell'Anima)

In an afternoon of madness and...

Begun and ended this past weekend, the show of color in Athens has taught us that the Greek soul is great!
We presented
The 7 Colours of the Soul (Click HERE) and Wall Paint, and we...

I Colori dell'Anima (Colors of the Soul)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!
We expect a great revival in 2010 and to raise the level of the challenge here are some of the news:

I Colori dell'Anima (The Colors of the Soul)

Made in 2010, 3th to 6th February, at the headquarters of the Milan Fair in Rho, HALL 4 STAND F25 H30, in an international...

Collective Creation

Here is a must-see film. Its title is: Creazione Collettiva (Collective Creation)

It is the result of a friendship and partnership established on our forum, and of a request made by a member of our group to do "something" together.

Here is a must-see film. Its title is: Creazione Collettiva (Collective Creation)...

Spirito Libero e Seduzioni

For those who are patient enough and would like to know more, we have published the official presentation of the new Spirito Libero e Seduzioni catalogue.

A Friends reunion

Friday, 4th of September we gathered all our partners in a truly exciting atmosphere and presented them with all the news that we are about to present to you:

A rationalisation and simplification of our range of finishes which will make the choice of our clients even easier as it will enable them to understand our...

Dolci Seduzioni

The 4th of September is the date chosen for the commercial launch of Dolci Seduzioni, a soft tone variant of Seduzioni.
Obviously, we have a presentation film to show you.
Click HERE to watch the trailer.

From that date we will begin to distribute our physical and photographic samples comprising Spirito Libero...

The new RE (KING)

The new RE catalogue – click here for a preview - meets the desire of many users of our products:
the chance of having larger physical samples at hand, to help the client make the right choice.

We have come up with many ideas in this direction. Our last evolution has coincided with the launch of Spatula Stuhhi's... chase the crisis away!

When the future seems uncertain there is only one solution: To look forward! and B.colore are two new companies that are aligned with our Artistic view of decoration and aim at revolutionising the interior decoration market through a new vision of colours.

The showroom we show you in this...

Dolci Seduzioni

Here are some photos of the catalogue's Backstage, click HERE

The search for a new fascinating range of colours in based on the experience we have had from the creation of Spirito Libero up to today and on your feedback received thanks to our Black Truck that has taken these products directly to your home. The new...

In vino...Spatula

Our client Maxifer of Frosinone honoured us by labelling its wines with labels by Giorgio Graesan & Friends: Casa dei Sogni and Spatula Stuhhi...

While we wait to taste them, we would like to thank Maxifer for having chosen to link its natural product to a brand like ours: Emotional Natural, like a good wine!

Construmat 2009

The Construmat in Barcelona is an event we have been taking part in for many years. It is dedicated to professional people who produce innovative construction materials and interior decorations and contribute to promoting new habitats whose aim is to improve the quality of life based on concepts such as...

I Canti

The solution to a problem. I Canti. From today, the corners of our marvellous walls will be protected I Canti:
1.80m high aluminium profiles that can be adjusted by simply adding an extra part. They are designed with a groove that makes them easy to install.
I Canti are available in four different colours: gold,...

The White's

For all our Friends there is The White's film and PDF catalogue to flick through and discover. Taste it as you would do a nice bar of chocolate...!

Passion and lightness. The White's merges aesthetic with the simplicity of Giorgio Graesan & Friends brand.


Per i nostri FRIENDS...: SEDUZIONI Il nuovo film appena realizzato.

Sfoglia il catalogo di Seduzioni cliccando: p=1&bg=FFFFFF&he=285&align=m...

Artists of Decoration...MADE!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a search website to find our painters and decorators.
It is called Artisti della Decorazione (Artists of Decoration). Click HERE to watch a demo.

It enables you to upload your reference data and, most of all, your photos as a proof of your professionalism.
At the same time,...

Seduzioni at MADE 09

On 4th of February an important event will be held which will stage many operators in this sector: decorators, designers, architects, builders, etc.

This expo is in fact a European reference point for the broader interior design world.

We will present SEDUZIONI to a large European audience in an important and...

Young Spirito Libero (Free Spirit)

When we look at our children, we often notice some typical patterns and behaviours of grown up people.

In this photo gallery we pay tribute to SARA, a girl who seems to be cut out to follow in her father's footsteps.

She is the daughter of our Friend Giuseppe Mandaglio, winner of the competition for the launch of...

10 seconds

Spatula Stuhhi on TV again
What can we do in 10 seconds? We can meet each other, smile at each other, shake hands or kindly greet each other. All this would last 10 seconds, the same time it would take to exchange a warm hug; the same time it would take to wish someone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We included...

Ukraine, a land of Seductions

It is the biggest country in Europe after Russia.
Being able to seduce this big land and population is not an easy task.

Nevertheless, thanks to Alexander and his TBI - the only Ukrainian importer of our products – Kiev became an Italian affair for one night.

Gioia, Oro and Seduzioni charmed and amazed the...

Arrivederci, Roma...

This is what Renato Rascel famously sang a few years ago...

Click HERE to visit our photo gallery
Look at the Seduzioni (Seductions) PDF catalogue

Today, now back to our daily routine, we think of our Roman experience at the EXPO 2008 with a touch of nostalgia for the beautiful atmosphere we enjoyed in the eternal...

Seductions in Rome

From 13th to 16th of November we will be attending the Rome Expo, PAVILION 5, STAND E/12, with a very sexy product. It is called "SEDUZIONI" (Seductions).

It will be presented in a stand set up as a Beauty Farm where you can enjoy Thai massages by 2 qualified masseuses.
If you intend to visit us and enjoy a moment...

Giorgio Graesan & Friends on TV

Once our parents and grandparents used to listen to the radio to find out how society was changing...
Then it was television which accompanied the daily routine of many Italian families at different times of the day. The television changed words into images.
In the morning, news and weather forecasts are...

Work Tools

During the Gioia and ORO parties - our evening parties held at the suppliers' premises - we propose decorators an exclusive promotional tool:

A bag containing 7 panels (about 30x50cm) made using our main products:

2 Spatula Stuhhi panels,
1 Gioia panel,
1 Oro panel,
1 Casa dei Sogni panel,
1 Trasparenze panel,

Sandro Sciacca

Sandro Sciacca, photographer and visionary, has left us for a better world.

This world of ours is decidedly worse off without him: without his beaming smile and incredible ability to challenge the monotony and logic of reality with the inspired groundbreaking daringness of his work.

Men like him change the...

The winner

Of the golden award...

Here's the winning photo in the competition held to mark the launch of the Colore & ORO collection...

The winner of four 5-litre cans of Colore & ORO is GIUSEPPE COMO
thanks to this photo, which received the most votes on & Pictures.

Thanks to all those who took part in our competition and...

Pocket-sized sample collection

As we're always committed to innovation, it's time to launch a new revolutionary sample format; pocket-sized and aesthetically pleasing.
We do not have the production technology yet, but we've put in extra effort so that we can send out the first copies of this graphic delight.
Here's a preview of the machinery...

Il Party di Lariano Parati

I party di GIOIA proseguono a pieno regime in tutta Italia approdando, per una data indimenticabile, presso Lariano Parati che è stato per noi un ospite come al solito eccezionale!

Bellezza e novità del mondo della decorazione attraggono ancora numerosi appassionati e professionisti che continuano, con nostra...


The new I COLORI DELL'ORO (SHADES OF GOLD) project has two elements: Oro Ricco and Oro Pallido.
They can be mixed with our exciting paints to offer an impressive range of 84 different Colori (colours).

They can be applied by brush, glove or roller, exactly like Colore & Gioia. Indeed, they are really sister...

Is purple a SEXY colour ?

Go and take a look at the latest &Club feature: a CREATIVE LABORATORY.

You will see how sexy purple can be, for painting Vespas, finishing off corners and much more besides.

And don't forget to have a look at &Pictures, a...

beauty will save the world

Excitement, creativity, sharing. These are some of the keywords, to use the language of Internet search engines, by which our &Club is growing, changing and improving.

The latest new feature of the Giorgio Graesan Club is a


Enjoy watching the new SPATULA STUHHI film

Athens 2008

Once again this year, a splendid synergy returns, uniting Giorgio Graesan & Friends and our friend Stefanos Kabarakis. Stefano distributes our products in Greece, through his company INTERKAS.

We took part in the Athens trade fair, where we had a highly atmospheric stand. There we presented our COLORE & GIOIA to...

Colore e Gioia

In July 2007 we started the procedure to register the trademark Colore e LUCE. The name had not been previously registered and so we started selling this "bright" new line at the beginning of December.

Whether due to an improbable strange coincidence or the topical nature of the concept, another major company...

MADE 2008 Milan 5-9 February

In Milan we are getting ready for our debut at the fair which is aiming to become a point of reference for operators in the sector in just a few years. Even before it opens, it promises to be a unique opportunity for meetings and debate between decorating artists of all levels.
We love all things new and we have...

Expo Edilizia

The fair was a success; participation by users and distributors was especially strong on Friday and Saturday.
Our lorry was the focus of attention due to its originality and sophisticated look.
As for our new products for 2007, COLORE E GIOIA was a big success and SPIRITO LIBERO consolidated its popularity.

What happened?

At Saie in Bologna we presented a small but significant jump in quality with new catalogues, new images, new packaging and a new product: COLORE E GIOIA.
This is an important development to adapt to the changing times.
This evolution was naturally also reflected in the layout and functioning of our virtual world......


The links below will bring you to PDF versions of our catalogues. Click on the product that you are interested in to download the PDF:
Download the samples here

Scarica QUI il campionario SPATULA STUHHI


The SAIE 07 exhibition has just come to an end. We exhibited our Truck and were met with good success despite the fact that we were a rarity amidst colossal machinery and tons of heavy duty building materials.

We presented Colore e GIOIA at the exhibition, arousing curiosity for this product, which appears to be...

Colours and GIOIA

Colours and GIOIA are the essence of perception.
Without these elements we wouldn't have any sensation of space or even of our very existence.
The aesthetic sensitivity that singles out all Giorgio Graesan creations has allowed for the birth of this new product, which we are certain will not fail to satisfy you....

Saie '07

For the first time we will be present at the October edition of the building exhibition:
SAIE 07 Bologna, from the 24th to the 28th of October 2007, in external area 49 Stand B 11.

We'll be there to present this year's NEW products to the public


A range of complete colours that are very easy to...

Spirito Libero Tour

Greece lies just on the other side of the Adriatic. We were inspired by thinking about how lucky we are to be so close to a country which was the birthplace of all art forms, and so we set off on a SPIRITO LIBERO (FREE SPIRIT) Tour through the wonderful landscapes awaiting visitors in the home of philosophers....

Read more

The season seems to be on our side. The sun has taken the place of the winter cold throughout Italy and is accompanying the SPIRITO LIBERO truck on its return journey towards the north of our peninsula

We've met new and old friends in the most beautiful locations along the Adriatic Riviera. The Marche region...

Spirito Libero in Sicilia & Calabria

Let's not even linger on the history and culture of two regions of Italy that constitute a veritable patrimony for our country.
On the other hand, let's dedicate some news to this unique area and to its multi-faceted inhabitants in order to describe the experience of Spirito Libero in Sicily & Calabria.

The ability...

Emozioni e Colori Naturali

As you will all know by now, our products COMMUNICATE:
Visually speaking, the colours and finishes of the Spatula Stuhhi, Casa dei sogni and Spirito Libero application techniques give rise to a different, new emotion in those who look at them.

For some time now, the sense of touch has had an important part to...

Spirito Libero goes a long way

Our Spirito Libero truck has been travelling through the provinces of Italy for 2 months now: From the Alps to the Apennines and as far as Salento; from Milan to Lecce, travelling on the Via Emilia and through the Adriatic Riviera.

As we well know, all roads lead to Rome, and it is in Rome, in the suggestive...


A preview of the SPIRITO LIBERO AD.

This advertisement for Spirito Libero is ironic, it re-launches the sensation of "no limits" that characterises this project / product.

One name and one stucco allow you to use your imagination and make you...


As we announced in our letter at the end of December, the news for 2007 is a LORRY!

A travelling showroom that will bring SPIRITO LIBERO all over Italy.

This is a new experience, to bring us closer to you, so much so that we can arrive on your doorstep, to your squares, to the places where you normally work and...

I Colori Dell'Anima

The Norwegian name for Iceland is 'The Land of Ice'. The images of the country which usually spring to mind are devoid of colour: snow white and black lava rock.

During the short polar spring, however, green colours dominate the extensive landscape like nowhere else on earth.

The natural world here undergoes a...

Spirito Libero

Every man's dream: the feeling of being a Free Spirit, without restrictions, rules or impositions.

This is the name of out latest innovation: Spirito Libero. Imagination, colour and simple application for your creative freedom.

In a world overflowing with regulations, laws and prescriptions, you are free to...

Casa Dei Sogni: Royal Sample set

The applied version of the Casa Dei Sogni catalogue for painters has been available for a fortnight.
This useful work tool is a must-have item for painters and is on sale for 50 Euro.
It contains a postcard for inclusion on our site, a major reasonably-priced advertising initiative for every painter.

Giorgio Graesan & Friends

Giorgio Graesan & Friends has been operational since the first of August 2006.

There are several reasons for this change: tax reasons; banking matters; advertising aspects.

These reasons have already been clarified in other communiqués.

But the most significant aspect of this change is of a philosophical nature,...

Giorgio Graesan & Friends

CASTORO srl was founded in 1984.

Twenty-two years ago.
At the time the company produced wooden profiles and the name and symbol referred to the sharp toothed beaver who cleverly works wood to build his home.
It was a perfect name for us.
In 1987 we began experimenting with decorative paints with the
Aquaria, tinned...

What are human rights?

As post-war children, we know that the United Nations issued a list of the fundamental rights which a man has from the moment he is born.

The purpose of this list was to prevent humanity from repeating the barbarity which had been seen in preceding years and to remind every man, present and future, that reciprocal...

SAIE 2006

We spent a week of Emotions and Natural Colours (Emozioni e Colori Naturali) together with all the other participants and met with unprecedented approval:

Click here to enter the Saie 2006 galleries


Sandro Sciacca was born in Milan in 1951 and began studying photography at the age of 14.
After leaving school four years later he signed up as photographer on board
the cruise ship Angelina Lauro and spent the next two years travelling round the world,
discovering locations and lighting scenarios which broadened...

Sofia Milos

Sofia is a truly remarkable woman.
We have got to know her through her numerous roles on TV and in the cinema, from CSI Miami to Friends. A dynamic woman with a sharp mind always looking towards the future. A woman who in the relaxing welcoming atmosphere of her home cannot do without the warmth of a stuccoed wall...

Castoro Marketing

This year Castoro srl has devised and planned a major advertising campaign with the objective of broadening awareness of the brands 'LA CASA DEI SOGNI' and 'SPATULA STUHHI' to a wider audience of professionals and potential end customers.

The campaign will be published in the daily and periodical press and will...

Welcome Sophie!

Two deep peaceful eyes. Oozing confidence gazing into Daddy's lens. Sophie is Graesan's third child.

Aatika's pregnancy was accompanied by great expectations.

Unlike her wild four-year-old brother Monir, the newborn baby girl seems to be balanced and calm, beautiful and serene like her mother; even if it's too...


Every day, commitment to the environment and a social conscience move millions of people to strive to improve their lives and the world we all live in. Unrepresented until recently, these people are starting to make themselves heard through positive examples of collaboration with encouraging results.


Work in Progress

Always on the go... An old saying goes: If you don't move, then you'll never get to where you want to go.
All facets of Art, Cinema, Music, Painting, Poetry...and beautiful women!
Castoro blends everything together to bring ideas to life and give space to creativity…


Pictura, Simplicity.

The right mix of elements for coating any wall in the most beautiful colours in the world.
Colours which embody the emotions of the most important cultures on the planet.

Apply one or two coats by roller or brush with suitable insulation. Pictura is fully washable and consumption is roughly 150 g/m2.

Made using...

Voice of an Angel

La Casa dei Sogni, in which colours come to life, lends itself as the location for the new music video by Lidia, a girl who may be pint-sized but has the determination of a lion.

Lidia is not a new face to the world of music and music fans are sure to recognise her.



Curiosity has always played a fundamental role in the evolution of man. All roads must be open to art.
The search for suitable creative materials has led a well-known painter to undertake a performance worthy of an art gallery.
Franco Farina is a master in the use of oil paints and watercolours. He has experimented...

Farbe and Construmat, trade fairs in 2005

The major producers always exhibit the latest innovations in the paint sector at special professional events such as the fairs in Barcelona and Cologne.

Cologne's FARBE and Barcelona's CONSTRUMAT this year presented developments in the sector and showcased the unique features of our products.

And they're off!

Niccolò Baroni (number 5 in the national rankings) will take part in the 2005 EasyKart Championship and will compete in all races in the Northwest, as well as in the world final in Parma.
He will be flanked by Roberto Baroni wearing number 52 (his year of birth and age), thereby forming one of the very few...

Surprised? It's Spatula Stuhhi

Reflected in the depths of Spatula Stuhhi is the lovely Samantha De Grenet, special endorser in the advertising campaign we have made, which will be broadcast on ITALIA 1 during the programme CONTROCAMPO.

The New York showroom and a Berber Tent are the background locations for the 90 seconds in which, immersed in...

I Bellissimi di...

Emanuela Folliero. Another wonderful woman who has shown an affinity for art and culture, vital ingredients for SPATULA STUHHI...

Once again, after the experience with the lovely Samantha De Grenet, we found ourselves sharing the excitement with a special endorser, who showed her great professionalism as always;...

Meeting at Lake Maggiore

A meeting was held on October 2 and 3 where the new Castoro Srl products were presented.

Standing out from the rest was our latest item, a new product we have called PRIMUS, for which we have created a new image.

Another new item presented at the gathering was a very attractive advertising article: The cigarette...

October 2004

Niccolò as of the last race in Ala di Trento is officially 2nd in the national Easy Kart 125 ranking (the largest and most popular).
By rights he will participate with the number 2 on the front of his car in the Arce world final on October 15-16-17 next to champions like Federico Montoya (Montoya's brother and...

Bologna SAIE 2 - 17/21 March 2004

SAIE 2, is an important event that once again allowed us to find a vast number of clients and appliers this year.
The numerous visitors attracted by the novelty, colours, and typically dream setting showed great interest in and appreciation of the demonstrations provided on our collections that followed on from one...

February - March 2004

Starting from February, we are having scheduled meetings with our customers and partners. These meetings, called "New York Colors Experience", are having great success and appreciation among partecipants.

You can find the complete list of scheduled events in our Calendar of...

The new Encausto collection

Following its enormous success in terms of appreciation among our clients, we decided to extend our Encausto collection.
All new items can be seen in the "Decoration Colours" section.

The Encausto technique is similar to an ancient wall painting technique used by the Greeks and Romans, who used colours that were...

January 2004

Started by an Adventure and Research tour to the Contemporary City, I've expressed the Colors of New York, that are born from my interpretation of this incredible city.
The Colors of New York are the colors of humanity. Indeed, New York is made up of all cultures, languages, religions, ways of thinking. All...