Colore e Neve

It's made of water, coloured micro spherical particles, silver metallic pyramidal fragments and acrylic resins.
It's applied in 3 coats, diluted with 30% of water with an appropriate brush, after having prepared the wall with our PRIMUS SABBIA.
It's completely washable with non-aggressive soaps, it's a non-flammable material.
The application cycle is shown in the section Videos of our website

Diluition: 30% water (1,5 lt of water every 5 lt of product, for all the three coats)
Consumption: 5/6 mq every 1 lt
Drying time: around 3 hours
Size: 1 lt, 2,5 lt, 5 lt
Specific weight: 1,23 kg/lt
Voc content: 6%

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