Cera del Vecchio

The best feature of Spatula Stuhhi is the fact that it is absolutely natural. No resins are used. This is why we can classify it as one of the most ecological products in its application field.
This feature guarantees that the product breathes and that it can easily absorb and release any kind of humidity.
Where you want to make the product less absorbent (in busy areas, showers, kitchens, etc....) you can apply a coat of SAVON D'EAU or Cera del Vecchio making the area easier to wash and more resistant to wear and tear. The application system is similar in both products and is illustrated in the following photos.
SAVON D'EAU does not change the appearance of Spatula Stuhhi.
Cera del Vecchio makes the surface more glossy and resistant.
Both are natural products.

Coverage: 20/30 grams per m2.

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