Spatula Stuhhi

This is a glossy, natural, high quality stucco that has been seasoned for a lengthy period; marble powders and additives make the product highly adhesive and it flows well when applied, reaching the finished stage very quickly. It is an innovative product that derives from the Venetian culture in the traditional sector of glossy stuccoes and has been modified and updated to meet current requirements of colours and speed of use. SPATULA STUHHI breathes extremely well, is alkaline resistant and is an excellent natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product; its constant carbonation process makes it highly resistant to humidity. SPATULA STUHHI is a totally ecological covering and contains no solvents. It is completely water-based and is therefore non-inflammable. The main feature of this product is that it has a highly sophisticated esthetical effect but at the same time is absolutely natural, with surprising technical characteristics such as its capacity to breathe and its resistance to bacteria.
Ideal Coverage using 3 Coats: 1 kg/m2.

The product is not washable in its normal version. On the contrary, its best feature is that it can breathe. We recommend protection with Cera del Vecchio in areas where washability is necessary.

Drying time
Treatable after about 12-14 hours at +20 °C (293 K) and with a relative humidity of 65%. Totally dry after 28 days.

Coverage: Primer Naturale 150/200 grams/m2, Spatula Stuhhi 700/1000 grams/m2

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