La Casa dei Sogni

La Casa dei Sogni is a paint that stirs up Emotions. Its application is alluring because of the creative and personal content that have to be added to every movement of the Hand. I suggest having good music in the background and following its rhythm as you apply it in order to add Art and Spirit to the simple coloured Matter. La Casa dei Sogni is applied with an uneven movement of the palm of hand wearing our woollen glove GENEROUSLY soaked in the paint indicated in the sample collection. It takes about 4-6 hours to dry. If you want to give the wall a more "aged" look, go over the wall, 15/30 minutes after the first application, with the woollen glove justly slightly dampened with the product, creating the original old mottled look. After about 30 days the surface can be lightly washed and yet will still allow the wall to breathe.
La Casa dei Sogni is suitable for colouring any type of support. The surfaces must be prepared using the SMOOTH version of A Mano Primer to achieve a final more glossy result or the SANDED version for a more satin finish. Optimum coverage is 200/300 g/m2. La Casa dei Sogni is composed of breathable polymers. It contains no solvents. La Casa dei Sogni must be applied to sufficiently insulated surfaces. It can therefore be used on any kind of surface. It is a product for interiors.
Coverage: Smooth or Sanded Primer: 150/200 grams per m2, La Casa dei Sogni: 200/300 grams per m2.

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